Best kid’s rugs

Toddler’s play rugs are warm, vibrant and give your baby a cozy play area. But what should you take into consideration before purchasing a baby rug? What are the advantages and disadvantages to having one? In this article, we will explain everything you need to know in detail.

Throw rugs are a common decorative element in most baby rooms, as they make the baby’s room warmer. As a matter of fact, rugs just aren’t a decorative item for a small room; they serve a practical purpose such as keeping the room warmer as it acts as a type of insulation against the cold and helps to block out background noise. Using throw rugs, you can create or define space within a room such as making a corner for playing or reading. Most children play while sitting on the floor, by using a rug you can be assured that they will play in a cozy and warm environment.

However, rugs can be a focal point for infections as dust mites could nest in your baby’s rug. For this reason, it is often not recommended to place a throw rug or stuffed toys on top of carpeting. But don’t worry; you can still use these decorative and practical throw rugs, if you take into consideration the following suggestions before buying your next throw rug.

Requirements to be fulfilled

When choosing a throw rug for your baby or toddler’s room, it is important to take into consideration the following:

Natural fibers are the best bet

Cotton fabrics are a good choice for a throw rug, as it can easily be washed and thrown in the dryer at high heat without going lumpy. Wool is also considered to be a suitable choice. Wool throw rugs are often used during the colder winter months, but remember wool rugs have a tendency to loose lint when first used.

Select the correct size

Before running out and buying a throw rug make sure you know the correct size you need for the space you wish to place it in your child’s room. This will avoid it from either being too large or too small.

baby play rug

Suitable color

Make sure that the throw rug you choose will match with the decoration and color scheme in your baby’s room, even if it is a solid color or a printed throw rug. If possible, consider the effects of color therapy, more than aesthetic appearance. If you desire a specific feeling, you can use orange, which is a color that transmits energy, if you desire a more serene environment you can use the color blue.

Easy to wash

Whatever rug you choose, it is very important that it is machine washable. It should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust mites nesting in it and frequent washing helps to remove the many stains and spills caused by your little ones.

Pros and cons of using a baby play rug

There are many advantages to having a kid’s play rug and here are some the main ones:

Throw rugs add a warm and cozy touch to a baby’s room, making a comfortable play area that can be used even as they get bigger, maybe as a reading corner. However, it is necessary that you regularly clean that area by vacuuming at least once a week.

As we have learned, a cute throw rug is an essential part of the decoration for any kid’s room, but it is also a very useful item, as it can be used as a play area, reading area or by keeping your little toddler’s feet toasty warm when he wakes up in the morning.


If you choose a shaggy rug, even though they look fun, it can become quite uncomfortable as children tend to drop things and they can get lost in the long hairy fibers, such as puzzle piece, etc. Also this type of throw rug attracts dust and can cause allergic reactions in some children.

If you find that your child develops an allergic reaction to the throw rug or maybe is sensitive to dust mites. It will be necessary to vacuum the area daily and wash your rug more often, to correctly avoid a dust mite infestation, by never allowing them to move into your house.

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