How to decorate a baby’s room

The day an expecting mother begins to decorate her future baby’s room, she begins to tighten her emotional bond with her baby. But before getting started, there are important aspects to take into account to make everything perfect.

Decorating their future baby’s room can be one of the most exciting jobs expecting parents can do while awaiting their little one, because just seeing everything coming together fills them with immense happiness. Every couple begins to prepare their new baby’s room at different times, the only thing that matters is that the room is ready for when they bring their new baby home.

Are you decorating for a boy or a girl?

Without a doubt, the hardest part about decorating but at the same time fulfilling, is to look at the empty room and begin to brainstorm ideas to make the room come to life for your little one. The sex of the child has little or no affect on two of the main features for the room; it’s ability to be comfortable and secure.

Besides the three fundamental points mentioned above, there are other factors to consider such as the decoration style that will be used, the type of accessories used, positioning the furniture, etc. To help you find solutions for the mountain of questions you have about decorating your baby’s room, we have compiled a list of suggestions to put your mind at ease. These suggestions will help you design the ideal baby bedroom for your baby!

Choose which room will be the your baby’s room

Normally, it is very easy to decide which room will be your future baby’s, normally because the number of rooms is limited or there was a room previously designated for your baby. Whatever room you do decide upon, it needs to be close to the parent’s room. Also another factor to consider is the size and the amount of natural light in the room, as this will most likely be his room for many years, you most likely won’t be making any structural changes to your house in the near future.

Style of your baby’s room

Once you have decided which room will be designated for your baby, you will need to think about what style will you want give the room: French, romantic, classic, modern, cute and happy, vintage or sporty. Which style will fit your baby’s personality best?

How to decorate a baby's room

Choose the wall color

The colors you will decide to paint the wall will depend greatly on the style you have decided upon for decorating the room. For a classic room, the best choice would be beige or white tones. But if you are trying to create a happy and fun style, you could use brighter colors. Bedrooms that will have a more romantic ambiance you could use flowered borders and ornaments. A more sporty style might be more disorganized. Whatever style you choose, your baby needs to feel tranquility and feel loved and cared for from his parents.

The baby’s crib

A crib is an essential part of any baby’s room, as he will need it for his wellbeing and he will be spending countless hours sleeping in his crib. The crib should be well made, safe and comfortable; it should have protective barrier rails that are correctly spaced apart between each other. The handrail should be at least 25inches from the baby’s mattress. You can also consider baby pillows, ideal for babies to sleep comfortably.

Baby changing tables and bathtubs

The baby-changing table is considered to be another essential piece of furniture for your baby’s room. For this reason, it recommended that it include drawers to hold all of the basic items necessary to efficiently change your baby. The baby bathtub is an optional item to be used in the baby’s bedroom.

Light and curtains

Make sure the natural light that comes in from the windows is able to light up the entire room (you can use curtains to control how light filters into the room, choose fabrics that don’t attract dust). Also, the room should have the conventional ceiling lights and lamp that will offer indirect light. The lamp is ideal to use while your baby is resting or when your baby wakes up at night and needs to be cuddled back to sleep.

Mattress for the crib

Now for the mattress, many are made from different types of materials. The most recommended type of mattress are those made from latex, as it hygienic and molds to your baby’s body. Mattresses made from coconut fibers helps prevent moisture retention. Normally this type of mattress has to be manufactured especially to fit the size of your crib. Once, you have chosen the mattress, you will choose a blanket and cotton sheets, plus it will be necessary to place a waterproof pad cover protector over the mattress.

Security and technology

The space you are creating for your baby will be a safe and cozy environment, making your baby feel loved and protected. For this reason, it is important to choose furniture that has soft, round edges, the plugs should be protected and especially make sure that there are no items that could easily fall and break and hurt your baby. You can also include in the baby’s room a security monitor, that will allow you to watch your baby without needing to run into his room every few seconds.

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