Exercises to Improve Posture in Children

Going back to school represents new challenges and lessons that add to our lives, and if not, we are willing to face them. Immersed in notebooks, books, study materials, our little ones give their best to carry the year, but there is a big inconvenience that grows with them and can lead to big problems. That problem is bad posture. When we realize it, parents must choose to correct it immediately.

When classes begin, children return to school but not always with the best disposition. Neither do parents, because the school doesn’t involve financially adjusting, adding a couple more chores and other efforts to the daily routine. But in times of effort, good face and also good posture, because what begins is just a bad habit in people, ends up becoming a big problem that can only be solved through surgery and years of rehabilitation.

Some of these little-known, but very common ailments in much of the population are:

  • Torticollis
  • Low back pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Lordosis


Neck twisting is the twisting of the neck due to poor posture during sleep, a sudden movement or malformations in bones and joints. One cause of this disease is stress and anguish.

Low back pain

Caused by the compression of the spine, which is caused by sudden movements, such as lifting something very heavy. Pain caused by low back pain can be as mild as it is severe in the lower back.


It is the deformation of the spine forward, causing a hump. This is one of the big problems that we are currently dealing with due to the use and bad position when using mobile devices such as smartphones, ipads, and tablets. That’s not all, because in the day-to-day life of our children, when they write, read, watch television, etc., they adopt a bad posture that is gradually developing.


It is the lateral deviation of the spine (to the right or left) in its dorsal region due to a bad posture adopted when carrying a lot of weight, sometimes much more on one shoulder than on another. The pain caused by this disease is severe and the treatments vary according to the characteristics of the patient.

The ailments that cause poor posture can be avoided by taking some precautions, being attentive to our posture, and in some cases, doctors recommend the use of posture corrective.

The Posture corrective device is composed of bands whose purpose is to correct the user’s posture. These bands can be used by both adults and children and are highly recommended by specialists for those who suffer from ailments or to avoid future problems.

Many mothers today go to their primary care pediatricians for advice on the use of posture corrective for their children. And in these cases, there are some exercises that can be done to improve posture for both children and adults.

posture corrective exercises

1- Stretch the entire body and try to form a straight line from head to toe. Turn your arms forward and upward until your hands reach the highest point. While you’re doing that, peel your heels off the floor. Hold for a few seconds on the tips of your feet.
2- Then lower your arms slightly to the sides, do not forget that they should always be well stretched. While you lower them, they’re also lowering their heels.
3- Repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times.

1- Place yourself as the first silhouette of the image, placing each hand on the corresponding shoulder with your elbows facing down. Next step, move your arms backwards without lifting your elbows off the trunk.
2- Feel the spine moving, getting straighter and trying to achieve the same effect with the neck. Then return to the initial position.
3- Repeat the exercise four or five times.

1- Sit on the floor face down with your palms touching shoulders and elbows on the sides of your body.
2- He then turns his arms outwards without lifting the elbows from their original position, while at the same time slightly lifting his head and chest. Try to stay suspended for 3 seconds and return to the starting position.
3- Perform the exercise for 4 or 5 repetitions.

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