Recommended gifts for a 1-year-old baby

When a baby is one year old, it has already begun to develop and is more physically capable and has increased thinking abilities. They can move around more efficiently, maybe even stand on two feet and are trying to communicate with their parents. But what are the best gifts for a one-year-old baby?

In order to grab the attention of a one-year-old baby, gifts should be decorative, colorful and special. But they should also be orientated to the baby’s intellectual stage, which the baby will find to be interesting, fun and stimulating.

Gifts that your baby will love

– During this stage, the baby is learning how to walk and is fascinated with everything his parents are doing. For this reason, it is recommended to play imitation games, since they will teach the baby how to be self-reliant. This includes games such as house cleaning, tea party sets, mini-kitchens, toy cars, and castles, prate ships and play phones.

– It is important to help their psychomotor development. For physical motor development, we can give them walkers, foot-to-floor cars or crawling tunnels. For dexterity, games such as building blocks or push along toys or balls.

gifts for a 1-year-old baby

– Any toys made from wood helps to develop their sense of touch, as it is a natural material. Toys that have a variety of textures and sound are also ideal for the child’s sensory development.

– Musical instruments are another great option. For this age group, it is recommended to get instruments that don’t require too much accuracy such as the maracas, xylophone, or a drum. But this might result in a headache for those nearby!

– If you have an outdoor area for one of the following: a miniature playhouse, swimming pool, swing set, playpen or sand box are great gifts too, as is a baby seat for their parents bicycle.

Other gifts:

– Clothes are an affordable gift but we should take into account the preferences and style of the baby and his parents. Babies spend the majority of their time inside of the house wearing practical onesies or rompers and they stain tons of bibs and pajamas, for this reason these are the best options to give a one-year-old baby. Even a simple pair of shoes that are easy to put on and take off are another good gift.

– As they are about to start walking alone and doing more activities by themselves, it is wise to choose gifts that will help form their self-reliance, such as their own plate that they can take to the sink and help you wash or their own kit of dishes and cutlery. Of course any gifts that encourage creativity are a wonderful idea such as a painting kit or a chalkboard.

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